emacs: how to find out file location of a function

On Jan 16, 9:27 am, Bujji 〔bujjiec...@gmail.com〕 wrote:
│ Hi Xah,

│ All you said above looks correct for me.
│ This didn't show up in -Q enable of emacs.

│ But, how to trace where the .elc file exists and disabling the snippets?
│ Is there some debug command to see all loaded paths in emacs?

│ I started using emacs from 6 months and not an expert at this.

one easy way to track it is this:

when you think yasnippet mode is active, type
【Alt+x describe-function Enter yas/minor-mode Enter】

then in the help panel, it'll show you where the file is. Click on it to go to it. Then, delete that dir.

Restart emacs.

Repeat the above if necessary.


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